In the years we spent in the United States, we had the opportunity to become familiar with the wood house in daily life and the many advantages of this mode of construction and way of living.
A meeting with a salvager of century-old loft barns in Canada sparked the idea of founding Atmosphère & Bois and its unique concept: restore such old wood and put its beauty and the charm of its colours aged by the years at the service of construction and decoration.
The greyish appearance of such old wood with its old paint work appealed to us at once and gave us the idea of re-using it. We have been salvaging century-old loft barns, usually facing demolition, ever since. We take them apart, plank by plank, beam by beam and send them to Belgium to give them a new lease on life.
Used in construction and decoration, this wood enables everyone to express his or her creativity. Steeped in centuries of history, this natural, noble and warm material suits contemporary, traditional or more rustic styles to a tee.
Timeless and inimitable, these old planks are revived in tables, lamps, wall panelling, garden houses or entire structures – all in a vast variety of hues and patinas.