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Our latest endeavours

Whether a shelter, a guest bedroom, an office, a reading or play room, the Buxi inhabitable module by Atmosphère&Bois combines a decidedly contemporary, refined appearance with multiple and diverse functionality. The Buxi concept by Atmosphère & Bois draws inspiration from “low energy” house construction.

Two standard surface areas of 18 m2 and 30 m2 have been developed to streamline the necessary paperwork for their installation to the maximum.

Efficient insulation based on fully recyclable wood and tightness checking are used to reduce the environmental footprint while guaranteeing optimal comfort in every season.

The Buxi modules by Atmosphère&Bois consist of prefabricated elements that can be assembled rapidly (4 to 5 days) as well as dismantled (and reassembled) without damage upon request.

Thanks to the simplicity and purity of the volumes and the choice of materials, the modules can be integrated in all landscapes, built or otherwise.